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Explore the nature reserve with Miss Mouse and her friends

“Miss Mouse Builds a House” is a children’s books born from a concept developed by Lower Mill Estate’s founder Jeremy Paxton that has been brought to life by the team at Lower Mill in his memory. He wanted to develop a story relevant to Lower Mill, encompassing as many species as he could from around the Estate whilst making it a fun learning experience for children to explore their natural environment.

We developed a cast of characters and incorporated them into the Miss Mouse Adventure Trail, launched in 2014, which is designed to help children explore our 550-acre Nature Reserve in its entirety.  In 2015 we proudly completed the Miss Mouse story, “Miss Mouse Builds a House”, which is available from the Lower Mill General Store at the Ballihoo Restaurant.

Collect your map at the Miss Mouse meeting Hut and head out into the wild to find the hidden treasure.

Miss Mouse is closed from November to March