Birchwood Lakes in North Devon

Immerse yourself
Introducing the third installment from the team at Habitat First Group set in the beautiful North Devon countryside

Following on from the success of Lower Mill Estate in the Cotswolds and Silverlake in Dorset, Habitat First Group and the Paxton family are very pleased to announce that we have submitted a planning application for 150 units and a 40-bedroom hotel last week which will bring huge benefits to the local environment, ecology, economy and community for many years to come.

The goal is to transform the old Venn Quarry, which has been an ugly scar on the North Devon landscape for many years, and create a stunning holiday home community that combines nature, ecology and architecture in perfect harmony.

We want to help families re-connect with their natural surroundings and make memories that will last a lifetime in a safe, secure and fully managed environment.

The restoration plan for the quarry is already in full swing and the planning application will be registered with the local planning authorities in the coming weeks. If planning is achieved, we hope to begin construction on our new hotel and our first set of homes by the year 2020.

We estimate that Birchwood Lakes will create approximately 100 jobs and pump over £3.9 million into the local economy each year, bringing huge benefits to the entire county.

See what the press has had to say about the launch of Birchwood Lakes below: (listen from 54:45 – 60:00)

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