The Financial Times on the Habitat House’s Eco-Credentials

Immerse yourself
The Habitat House featured in the "House & Home" section of the Financial Times this Saturday

The Financial Times have been great advocates of Habitat First Group in recent years and this weekend they wrote a rave review of the Habitat House’s innovative, eco-friendly design that offers a Habitat both inside and out.

In an article entitled “Creature Comforts”, journalist Edwin Heathcote explored the relationship between architecture and nature, showcasing a select few homes in the UK that create habitats for wildlife and have ecology built into the fabric of their construction.

The Habitat House was designed not only to limit the impact of construction on the existence of local wildlife but to give it a habitat to thrive in with intelligent, eco-friendly construction and locally sourced materials. Edwin wrote:

“The house has been designed to be welcoming to wildlife as well as humans. There is a turfed roof with meadow flowers to attract butterflies and insects. The walls are tiled with timber shingles to provide places of shelter for other insects and invertebrates, and gaps in the walls allow similar refuges”.

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