Pennyroyal and Heath Lobelia Thriving at Silverlake

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The reintroduction of rare plant species at Silverlake goes from strength to strength

One of our main priorities at Silverlake is helping to reintroduce plant species that have been lost as a result of intensive quarrying. This month, we have been busy sowing Pennyroyal seeds, one of the rarest plants in Britain, in the hope that it will flower in the Autumn next year. This mini member of the mint family grows to just 30cm high and is recognisable by the flourish of little lilac flowers around the stem’s leaves.


The Dorset county recorder, the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland and Dorset County Council’s ecologist have all worked hand in hand with us to make this happen.


This project follows the successful reintroduction of Heath Lobelia, which is only present in 6 sites in the UK.


We intend to bring as many of Silverlake’s original native plants back to the estate as possible. To follow our progress, sign up to our Newsletter.

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