Meet Miss Mouse

Meet Miss Mouse

A new character has taken up residence at Lower Mill Estate and she’s looking forward to welcoming visitors.

Miss Mouse is her name, and she’ll be playing a prominent role in future Lower Mill Estate projects – starting with her Adventure Trail, which officially launched in 2014 with an updated trail being launched for Easter 2015.

The trail pokes its way into secret and hidden quarters of the estate’s 550 acres and has been put together by the Paxton Family – Red, Ruby and Rory.

The inspiration is an idea that their late father, Lower Mill Estate founder Jeremy Paxton, had for a children’s book: ‘Miss Mouse Builds a House.’ The book was never written but the idea stuck – and has now been realized, with illustrations from family friend Alexander Baynes.

The trail takes an hour to walk with lots of diversions and treats along the way – take as long or as little time as you wish. Red Paxton tells everyone to “get the kids out there, let them get messy and jump in the water!”.

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