An Inspiring Trip with Skiing with Heroes

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Skiing with Heroes helps to rehabilitate injured servicemen and women, find them new employment/training and give them the opportunity to experience something new and exciting

This March myself and my brother Red travelled to Klosters in Switzerland in support of an extremely worthwhile cause that aims to, among many other things, help injured servicemen learn to ski and snowboard.

Skiing with Heroes is a fantastic charity that offers these brave men and women the opportunity to experience something new and exciting and learn a new skill up on the slopes. The annual trip provides a much needed rest bite from the every day struggles that these valiant ex-soldiers face who have sacrificed so much for their country in order that we do not have to. However, it is important to remember that the charity is so, so much more than a week long trip to the alps.

Skiing with Heroes have a fantastic team of volunteers that go above and beyond the call of duty time and time again in support of their veterans. The team includes a wealth of caring and devoted ski buddies who help the heroes find their feet on the slopes, physiotherapists, osteopaths, masseuses, psychiatrists, wellness coaches, business coaches, mentors and counsellors that are always on hand and, more importantly, truly care and appreciate whole-heartedly the sacrifices these vets have made in the line of duty.

To use an age old and overused (but in this case entirely necessary) cliché, the veterans on this trip were nothing short of inspiring. They have all risked their lives to protect our civil liberties and many have paid a terrible price, but for men and women who have seen and experienced so much horror in this world, they were truly some of the kindest, funniest, most interesting individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Many had lost limbs, lost senses, lost friends or lost a part of themselves out on tour in some of the worlds most dangerous places, but none had lost their sense of humanity which is a truly wonderful thing.

After having some lengthy, often lager fuelled conversations with the Veterans it soon became clear how much this trip meant to everyone involved and the general consensus of why the trip turned out to be such a roaring success was the often overwhelming sense of camaraderie that is usually confined to the mess hall or the army barracks. Challenging themselves to try something new and adapt to foreign surroundings with their buddies by their side is what these guys thrive on and you could see their confidence grow exponentially day by day.

The aim of the charity is simple, to give these ex-service men and women the tools and opportunities to progress in life and to help them all enter into either employment, education or training. Some of the success stories from previous years are truly phenomenal with veterans entering into new careers in healthcare, engineering, construction and even starting their very own business ventures with the help of their mentors and coaches.

An amazing trip with some truly inspiring people, we look forward to supporting Skiing with Heroes in the future and working closely with them in support of our own charitable trust, The Habitat First Foundation.

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