Local Dorset Projects

Supporting our Community

Applicants can apply for up to £5,000 per year to support conservation and community nature projects and the fund is open to applications from the following areas: Warmwell, Crossways, Knightsford, Broadmayne, Owermoigne, Puddletownk, Moreton, Winfrith Newburgh. 

Helping in our local area

Silverlake Funded Projects

Supporting our Community

Projects we have funded previously [Image/video place holder, space for two – three lines of blurb and a testimonial] 

  • Broadmayne First School 
  • Butterfly Conservation 
  • Frome Valley First School 
  • Study of Bees and Wasps by Dorset Environmental Records Centre 
  • Tadnoll and Winfrith Heathland Heritage Project