Summer Wildlife Update

Immerse yourself

A little wildlife update from Lower Mill Estate’s very own version of Ray Mears, groundsman Bob Iles.

Cygnets are popping up on several lakes around the estate, gracefully drifting behind their mothers in the worlds cutest conga line. Best places to catch a glimpse are Spinney Lake and Howells Mere.

Lyndon Roberts, the ecologist who carries out our environmental surveys, has informed us that the initial count of House Martin nests looks like being slightly down this year, but we have had Nightingales singing in several locations around the estate including Nightingale Walk! If you do see any House Martin nests gathering in the eaves of your property, please don’t be alarmed, they are absolutely gorgeous birds that are very important to our eco-system and their nests do no damage to the buildings at all.

Various waterbirds including Coots, Mallards and Moorhens have young ones to be seen on nearly all the lakes across the nature reserve and Great Crested Grebes are nesting after their elaborate courtship displays.

Orchids are starting to pop up everywhere including the rare and beautiful Bee Orchid and fox cubs have been spotted playing around Swillbrook Lakes.

The Fauna and wildlife across Lower Mill will continue to flourish over these beautiful summer months so get out and explore the nature reserve and enjoy the Cotswold countryside at it’s finest!


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