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Lakeshore Reserve – Nine south facing freehold plots overlooking the European protected Swillbrook lake and nature reserve.

Plot prices vary from £360,000 to £495,000. Clients can choose from four new Habitat First Group eco designs (Light House, Habitat House, The Barn and the Water Garden) and can instruct one of our recommended builders to build their dream home for a fixed price over a fixed period of time – Self-Build without the grand design headaches! Build prices from one of our recommended builders varies from £300,000 – £465,000.

Swillbrook lake has recorded a number of Nightingale’s settling to nest during bird nesting season. Nightingales are usually skulking among hedges and scrub, but if seen are remarkably disappointing as they are plain brown with paler underparts. Their song, however, is far from disappointing, in fact, it is outstanding.

The Nightingale’s plumage is plain brown with a reddish-brown rump and tail. The throat is whitish and the underparts are grey-brown. The large black eye is made more prominent by a pale eye-ring. The bill is dark brown and the legs flesh coloured.

They are larger than a Robin with which it can be confused…

  • At a distance, both Robins and Nightingales behave similarly, e.g. flicking the wings, cocking their heads, etc.
  • Juvenile Nightingales are remarkably similar to juvenile Robins – brown, spotted and mottled.
  • The melodious song of the Robin, especially in urban areas at night time, has been incorrectly attributed in literature and songs, such as “A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square”, to that of the Nightingale.

In flight, Nightingales look like Redstarts but these have paler red tails with a dark centre.

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