Lower Mill Estate

Between 7-10th September, the Habitat First Group challenge team; comprising team members from across Silverlake and Lower Mill Estate, embarked on the first edition of Tour De HFG. Inspired by the Tour De Britain, this saw teams come together and cycle through three stages.

They began from our Lower Mill Estate in the Cotswolds right through to our new Birchwood development in North Devon followed by our Silverlake Estate in Dorset: covering a massive 313.21 miles. While this took place, team members on the ground did their part and cycled the same number of miles on static exercise bikes. This was all in aid of a great cause, the Habitat First Foundation charity.

Habitat First Foundation

The foundation was created by Habitat First Group, which provides sustainable holiday homes to own and rent. The foundation looks to provide complimentary holidays for children and their families, with serious illnesses, disabilities, or enduring financial difficulties. The goal is to build dedicated and fully accessible properties on our estates that will be made available for families in need.

The tour

The team enjoyed the experience, but it was a real battle of endurance and although there was some wind and rain along the way, their smiles and positivity remained. They were welcomed to Silverlake by a very happy team who celebrated their riding success before they set off back to Lower Mill Estate to complete their epic journey.

A roaring success

The team’s hard walk really paid off and they have so far raised £14,437 for Tour De HFG, bringing the cumulative total for the HFF charity to a staggering £132,640. You can still donate and every little bit helps, so please click here to support us.

The challenge team is already planning their next venture to continue to raise money for Habitat First Foundation next summer!

We would like to thank everyone involved from both estates and everyone who supported and donated to this worthy cause.

You can learn more about their success here