The Heroine in Heels swaps Louboutin’s for Wellies for a weekend with nature

Immerse yourself
We invited a host of Britains leading internet bloggers to come and spend some time here at Lower Mill Estate

Laura is a 24 year old Born and raised in Warrington, a small town not too far from Manchester. She moved to London in 2013 and loves to blog about her adventures in London, and on her travels too covering all manner of topics including travel, fashion, lifestyle, food, current affairs and social issues. What started out as a university past time, has now turned into a lucrative and rewarding job.

She has spent a lot of time travelling back and forth recently flying here, there, everywhere and catching trains up and down the country visiting various holiday destinations, one of which was Lower Mill Estate. From the evidence of her blog and video diary it is fair to say that she had a truly fantastic time on her trip to the Cotswolds.

“I discovered a gorgeous place called Lower Mill Estate, 550 acres of gorgeous countryside with self-catering houses that are well, absolutely stunning.”

Read the full article below and watch her video diary of her time at Lower Mill, you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you for coming Laura, you’re welcome anytime.

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